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Geolysis(Data geo-analysis)

Geolysis as we call it is our specialised service for analysis of data on geographic / location parameters. We provide the following services separately and as a package to best serve your geolysis requirements.

Data visualisation and analysis on Map

Today, much of the data having a geographic component is being analysed similar to normal data. At the most, the geagraphic analysis is limited to categorising the data into broad geagraphic regions put in different tables. This gives very limted idea of the actual geagraphic distribution and hence of little use. Even if it is useful, Whatever little information so provided can be very difficult to understand and act upon for a common user when the dataset becomes larger. Our data visualisation services through the Geolysis visualiser solves this problem in an elegant manner. The visualiser presents the data on a 2D (two dimentional) map similar to the maps we see everyday. The data is categorised upto the village level and represented in very intuitive form with color codings, pie-charts etc. The visualiser has options to apply various filters on the data for an in depth analysis of other parameters. For the purpose of understanding, let us consider a manufacturer analysing the sales data of his product against all the competitive products. Normally, even if the detailed locations of sales is available, the geographic categorisation is limited to regionwise sales volumes. Using Geolysis Visualiser, the data can be broken upto village level. The data is shown as pie-charts over the village location when zoomed in. When taking a broader look the map is appropriately shaded with various colors to show the sales distribution giving an immediate idea of who is dominant in a particular area. The data can further be filtered on other criteria like color, size etc and viewed on the map giving exact idea of what is being sold. To add value to it, you can put additional layers like, family size, population density, per-capita income etc in the background. This gives further understanding of the visible trends and one can act on it accordingly. All this is achieved with few mose clicks and scrolls making the process very easy and handy for reference as you need not dig deep into tables each time something needs to be checked again.
Given above is a very brief description of the service, For better clarity ask for a demo.

Intelligent geocoding

Geocoding is the conversion of Address of a location/Place to its Geographic coordinates i.e latitude and longitude. This is normally done by fetching coordinates of a known place from a database. However, this works only if the address typed is accurate, which is not possible in most of the cases due to wide variations in how people spell a placename. Our intelligent geocoding algorithms employ different analytical and phonetic techniques to best match the given address to a known place and return the most appropriate result. Our intelligent geocoding service in conjunction with theGeolysis Visualiser gives a powerful platform for Geolysis of available data.

Data standardisation

For any data to be used for systematic analysis, standardisation is the first step. Traditionally it has been done manually with the assistance of spreadsheet programs etc. We have intelligent algorithms and tools and experts to do that for you at a fraction of the cost and time.


All the three services above put to work together, gives a very powerful platform for data geo analysis, giving deep insights and understanding of the scenario which was just impossible using the traditional methods.

Being pioneers in the field combined with patience for clear understanding of client requirements, we are well suited to serve your analytical requirements.

Write to us further details and product demo at, and we assure you that this business relationship is one thing you will never forget.

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